Asmita has been working with us for more than 5 years. At the time of joining, she had no experience working with felt, but was able to learn quickly thanks to our rigorous training and on the job training.

Being an artisan at Nuptse Craft has helped Asmita sustain her family expenses during the Covid-19 pandemic. Her husband, a local transport driver, was out of work due to the lockdown, and Asmita was the only person earning in her household at the time.

Nuptse Craft also allowed Asmita to work from home in order to be able to keep working without the risk of catching Covid. Not having a strong educational background, Asmita is very grateful that she learned felting skills and is now able to support her family. She wants everyone to know about Nuptse Craft and the products she makes, which motivates her further to learn more and contribute to making new products. Asmita’s sister has also recently joined Nuptse Craft as a Felting Artisan as well.


Shy and timid, Devi has been working at Nuptse Craft for more than 2.5 years. She currently lives with her mother, elder sister and a younger brother; her two elder brothers live separately but also help with finances.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, her sister lost her job at a local pashmina factory, however Devi was able to keep working at Nuptse Craft and contribute to her family’s expenses.

Devi’s supervisor was also able to help her with working from home during the lockdown period so that she could keep working.

Being an artisan at Nuptse Craft has helped Devi make new friends and learn new skills, and she wants more people to know about felt, and appreciate her work.


Initially Shova started off as a part-time caretaker at Nuptse Craft working only 2 hours in the morning, and then working at other households for a nominal pay.

Currently Shova works as a full-time janitor, as well as helps out with counting and drying our felt products, and other duties.

A mother of 2 small children, Shova’s husband left the family more than 4 years ago and remarried. While he did support them financially, he lost his job as a trekking guide during the Covid-19 pandemic and was not able to contribute.

Nuptse Craft was able to keep Shova employed during the pandemic, and is also sponsoring her daughter’s education. Shova is also able to set aside some money to support her parents who live in a remote village.

A survivor of an abusive relationship, joining Nuptse Craft has helped Shova become an independent woman capable of supporting her family. She is proud of her progress, and everything she has achieved so far.


Bina is the oldest and most trusted member at Nuptse Craft. Initially she started with wet felting but could not continue due to her health conditions. Later on Bina rejoined as a full-time caretaker and janitor. Two of her daughters also work with her at Nuptse Craft, one of whom is handicapped and works at home.

Due to a history of health complications, Bina’s husband unfortunately passed away due to Covid-19 during the pandemic which left her to raise her 3 daughters by herself.

The family had to take time off from work but Nuptse Craft was able to keep employing Bina and her daughters during this time so that they could support themselves.

Having worked for a long time at Nuptse Craft, she feels very loved and cared for, and thinks of everyone as her family. She wants to keep prospering and be known as a good human being by everyone.


An expert when it comes to cutting felt, Sabita has been working in the felt industry for more than 6 years, and has been with Nuptse Craft since the beginning.

Known for her quality even with a heavy workload, Sabita is one of the top producers at Nuptse, and is very skilled at her work.

Sabita currently lives with her husband and two children. Her husband used to run a garment factory earlier, however the factory was shut down earlier, and he is now working as a rider for a local ride-share company.

During Covid-19, Sabita lost her mother-in-law, and the entire family was stranded at the village due to the lockdown. Nuptse Craft was able to hire her back immediately, and also allow her to work from home, allowing her to support her family with minimal issues.

Sabita is proud of her work at Nuptse Craft, and wants the whole world to realize the value and quality of the felt industry.